Welcome to Global Top Inc.


Global Top Inc. was established in 2006 and has developed several kinds of professional dental equipment.

Many customers & dealers (Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and North & South America) around the world are

satisfied with our products and we have exported them to almost 50 countries successfully.


For sales, we work closely with our distributors in some countries and covers sales structure for the global market.

For your more trust about the quality of our products, we had acquired several certificates such as CE, FDA, SFDA,

ISO and GMP.


Global Top Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of products and services such as value-added solutions for operating

efficient practices and delivering high quality care with employees. It also uses dentistry techniques by developing

new qualities and technologies. These developments have become the standard for today’s dentistry for Global Top Inc.

products. We promise to continue to improve our innovative dental products and manufacture systems for developing

better products.


We are glad for your attention in our products and company. We hope to build a successful relationship with you for

a long time.


Thank you.